About lh

The Icelandic Equestrian Association (Landssamband hestamannafélaga – LH) is an umbrella organization for all the riding clubs in Iceland. Founded in 1949, it is the oldest national association in the Icelandic horse industry.

The goal of LH is to attend to common matters and interests of horsemen, such as sport and gæðingakeppni competitions, public riding and riding trails, breeding, training, land management, education and environmental issues.

LH runs a national team that participates in the biannual World Championships for Icelandic horses as well as the biannual Nordic Championships. LH also owns a majority share in Landsmót Inc, the company that runs the Landsmót National Shows. The Landsmót is the biggest event in the world involving Icelandic horses and every other year these shows are held in Iceland where a selection of all of Iceland’s bests horses compete in various classes and breeding judgments.

LH oversees the education of judges in Iceland and holds statistics for all World Ranking shows in Iceland. LH has also developed a computer system, Mótafengur and KAPPI, for use in gæðingakeppni and sport competitions. Youth matters are also important and LH has been an active participant in the FEIF Youth Cup and Youth Camp and hosts a youth camp for Icelandic children at Þingvellir, the old parliament site in South Iceland.

The general assembly of LH is held biannually where all regulations are set. LH is a member of FEIF, The International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations. LH is also a member of the international horse organization FEI. There are over ten thousand members in LH.

LH also guides the riding clubs regarding construction of facilities and roads, as well as issuing guidelines on building competition tracks etc. LH has worked closely with the National Land Survey of Iceland and cooperates with the Public Roads Administration on logging riding trails with GPS systems to publish maps of riding trails/roads in Iceland on the internet.

There are many sub-committees under LH that cover various matters, such as disciplinary matters, judges, competition, national team, facilities and construction, youth matters, travel and transport and education. LH also participates in several FEIF committees.